What People Think...

A photo of Kelly Jones from Stereophonics with his autograph

"The Rock Academy set up is brilliant. I remember when Stuart and I started a band when we were at school; it was the most exciting thing we'd ever experienced. It gave us something different to do at an age where you can go either way, kept us focused and off the street and gave us a dream to latch onto. Luckily for me I had my dad to watch in the clubs to learn from and his speakers to pinch. For kids today it's harder than ever for opportunities and places to create and dream. I'm proud to know Chris, and Steve the guitar tutor, who both toured with us around the world are now able to give something back and bring kids together using their experiences of watching thousands of bands on tour with us to help them form bands and get them gig ready."

Kelly Jones


A photo of Beverley Knight

"I love RAW, what a great concept. Young people are often shown the glamour side of the music industry but very little of the creative process. RAW is a fantastic introduction to all the crucial facets of making music. Respect to everyone involved."

Beverley Knight

Singer and Songwriter

A photo of Steve Jones

"RAW is awesome and such a brilliant way to get the wealth of talent that exists in Wales out there, seen and heard. I worked with Chris & Chris at the start of my career at The Pop Factory when they were running the courses for The Princes-Trust. With all their knowledge & experience in the music industry to pass on, I am behind RAW 100% and can’t wait to hear some of the bands it produces! There is talent in them there hills and I know Chris & Chris are the men to find it!"

Steve Jones


"Lots of young people from our school have taken part in the brilliant Rock Academy projects.  It is an exceptionally valuable scheme which gives young people the chance to explore their musical talents and interests by working with inspirational, professional music tutors.  All the young people are encouraged to be creative and to explore their own ideas, which in turn increases their self-confidence while improving and developing their basic skills. Long may it continue..."

Hannah Davies

Headteacher, Wales, UK

"Rock Academy was an amazing experience, I can’t wait to have the chance to do it again. I got to play live in a band which is something I never thought I could do, I met loads of new friends and feel a lot more confident that I can achieve things in my life from now on."

Kim Jacobs

Rock School pupil

"My son Elis loved every moment of "Rock School" during the summer break. He didn't know any of the kids before he started, but by the end of the first day he had made great friends with other young people with a simular interest in music and performing. The guys that ran the school were so friendly and professional. Elis gained many fantastic experiences and his confidence shot through the roof, the highlight for him and us was the amazing gig that the kids and their tutors produced after only four days of working together - a very proud moment - he will definately be going back next year."

Charlotte Thomas


"I was amazed at how much these young people learned in such a short time. The professionalism and passion of the tutors transferred to the students and this was clear to see from the performance. RAW not only boosts self confidence but also helps break down barriers, bringing young people from different areas together and uniting them through music."

Alison. J. Buck

School programme coordinator, Wales UK

"After a week of loud rehearsals, lively musicians and high octane instructors, I was delighted with the outcome when I attended the "graduation" concert. The whole process made sense when I saw students from The English College performing alongside students from other local schools to produce an amazing range of musical genres."

Allan Forbes

Headteacher, The English College, Dubai

We all had a blast! We started off the day thinking it would be impossible to learn how to play an entire song from start to finish within just a few hours without having any past experience with playing musical instruments. And then be expected to perform in front of an audience. How wrong we all were... Each and every one of us got into it and accomplished something that we never had imagined doing."

Angelo Vassiliades

Marketing Executive at Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG)